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Guide to Oregon Part 5: Do It Yourself

Watch Part 1: In the final episode of the MUNCHIES Guide to Oregon, Gabi seeks out people who are embodying Oregon’s pioneering spirit in pursuit of filling their bellies. From the best Liége waffles west of Belgium to yellowfoot mushrooms and Oregon white truffles dug fresh from the earth, she discovers what these Oregonians […]

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Guide to Oregon Part 2: Keeping Portland Weird

In the second installment of the MUNCHIES Guide to Oregon, Gabi delves into the weirdest foods and pastimes of a city that celebrates its eccentricities. She prepares bone marrow and cherry-flavored ice cream with Salt & Straw’s Tyler Malek, and partakes in the local tradition of “zoobombing”—tearing down the streets of Portland on a tandem […]

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The Hipster’s Guide to Portland – H&M Life

Hipster culture might have its epicenter in Williamsburg, New York, but on the other side of the US, Portland is the heart of the scene. Paul Lynch, the founder of, a website which pokes fun at hipsters, takes us on a tour of the city’s most popular hangouts and reveals who is and who […]

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Guide to Oregon Part 1: Portland Victory

Watch Part 2: In the MUNCHIES Guide to Oregon, host Gabi Chai traverses the state to uncover the natural culinary bounty of the state of Oregon. Overflowing with great wine, coffee, food trucks, seafood, and more strip clubs per capita than any city in the world, this gem of America’s Pacific Northwest is just […]

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