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USA: Protesters vandalise Portland stores in anti-Trump demo

Violence broke out an anti-Trump protest in Portland on Thursday, when dozens of demonstrators smashed windows in the Pearl district of the city. The largely peaceful protest was organised against the President-elect Donald Trump, two days after his victory in the US presidential election. Portland police announced that the protest had turned into a “riot,” […]

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USA: Police repeatedly charge protesters as Portland chaos continues

Violence continued in Portland, Sunday morning, as protesters rallied for the fifth night in a row against President-elect Donald Trump. Police officers fired round of teargas and pepper balls, before repeatedly charging protesters. Some 19 demonstrators are thought to have been arrested over the course of Saturday night and Sunday morning. According to local police, […]

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Um Brasileiro em PORTLAND, OREGON, USA

Conheçam um pouquinho da experiência que tive em Portland Oregon. Essa é uma cidade cativante, já estive duas vezes lá e sempre da vontade de voltar! ******************************************************** Apóiem o canal! Você pode doar através de três maneiras. Pelo APOIA.SE, pelo PATREON ou diretamente pelo PayPal. APOIA.SE… PATREON PayPal (você envia uma quantia única […]

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USA: Anti-Trump activists pepper sprayed in Portland as reports of shooting surface

Violence continued as several thousand protesters marched through Portland, Friday, on the fourth night of nationwide rallies against President-elect Donald Trump. Footage shows police using pepper spray on protesters and journalists alike. Police reported that one person has been shot during the protest. In a statement, Portland police stated that suspected shooter was a motorist […]

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Portland, Oregon, USA

Road Trip to Portland, Oregon with friends! Sampling food from the many food trucks (pods) and, of course, local craft beers. A trip to Portland isn’t complete without a stop at Voodoo Doughnuts for a maple bacon doughnut! Mississippi Ave and Alberta Street were our favourite places to stroll around.

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Driving in Portland, the largest city in the State of Maine. And then walking in downtown Portland. Home,_Maine Visit Portland, Maine, USA. Enjoy your Portland, Maine vacation.

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