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Gardiner SL-X 35 Review – Carbon fibre window cleaning pole

Gardiner SL-X 35 Review – Carbon fibre window cleaning pole. Here I get the opportunity to test out the Gardiner SLX 35 Carbon fibre window cleaning pole. This pole comes from a highly regarded manufacturer and as such lives up to its name. Quality is not an issue in this case. This pole has a weight of 2100grams which is actually very good for a pole of this size. It also comes with what is called “Smart Clamps”. This means that they have a certain amount of automatic adjustment or “compensation” for wear. They also have a small shim fitted in between the clamp and the cam which is partially self lubricating and at the same time, will take all the wear thus saving the vital parts. This should extend the life of the clamps to a great extent. Each clamp has its own finger adjuster with “Nyloc” nuts so they will not come loose with use. This can make them hard to turn just with your fingers so pliers might be the best option to turn them if and when adjustment becomes necessary.

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